Longview police's free women's handgun safety class trains with simulated scenarios

Have you ever wanted to learn more about protecting yourself but didn't know where to go?

A Women's Safety Class is held three times a year with a maximum of 40 ladies per session. Classes include safety as it pertains to women in the workplace, shopping, home, etc.

Women will also learn about handgun safety and weapons. One of the days is dedicated to the simulator.  This allows the ladies to participate in simulated scenarios for an added bonus.

The range day gives the local women an opportunity to go to the Longview Police Department's range, get familiar with their weapons, and get in a little practice shooting their weapons as well.

To attend this class participants MUST first register and pass a background check.  Once the applicant has passed the background check they will receive more information by email or mail.

For more information contact Officer Kristie Brian 903-237-2716.

Click here: Womens Handgun Safety Class Application - 07-19